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Fees & Payments

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We can process your payment through different ways.
You can send us a cheque by post.
You can call us to 01223 200 600, and we take your credit card payment on the phone. You can also request a payment link, that we will send by email for you to pay with credit card from home (fill the form below to request the link).
We can also take your payment by debit or credit card using PayPal, for which you need to click on the yellow button to be transfer to PayPal site and complete your payment. 

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Fees Information

If you have private health insurance, treatment fees may be partially or wholly paid by your insurance company on your behalf or reimbursed to you. If you are not insured you will need to pay the fees in full yourself, usually in advance. Patients who opt to be treated in private healthcare are liable for the fees for their treatment.


Patients with health Insurance:

West Cambridge Anaesthetists Group Limited deals directly with most of the health insurance companies in the UK and with international companies such as Tricare, BUPA Global, AETNA and AXA PPP International.

Our fees for Anaesthetic services are charged within the benefit limits shown in the Fee schedules of BUPA, AXA PPP, CIGNA, VITALITY, WPA and HEALIX.


Patients insured with BUPA, AXA PPP, CIGNA, VITALITY, WPA and HEALIX can obtain a quote for the anaesthetists fees by using the Schedules of Procedures and Fees which is available on the internet for each of these insurers.


The surgeon will have given you details of your procedure and you may have received a procedure code / codes to use to seek pre-authorisation from your insurer. These details or codes can be used to look up the surgeon’s and anaesthetist’s fees on your insurer’s schedules of procedures.


Patients insured with AVIVA will receive a written quote prior to their procedure if the anaesthetist’s fee is likely to be higher than indicated in the AVIVA fee schedule; this only applies to a small number of procedures and for most cases our fees will be within the benefit limits shown in the AVIVA fee schedule.


Preoperative Consultations prior to admission for treatment will only be charged for if specifically requested based on risk assessment by yourself, your anaesthetit or your surgeon in advance of your admission for treatment. Our fee is £150 for a half an hour appointment in person or video-call (i.e. via zoom, FaceTime). This fee may not be covered by your insurer. No charge is made for ‘telephone consultations’.


‘Billing’ Procedure and ‘Shortfalls’ (insured patients)

If you provide the Hospital you are treated at with your insurance policy details correctly and have obtained pre-authorisation from the insurer for your treatment we can settle the invoice for anaesthetist’s fees directly with your insurer. Depending on the type of policy you have, and whether or not you have an excess on your policy, the Insurer may reimburse us directly for the full amount of our invoice or may ask you to pay us part of the fees yourself. This ‘shortfall’ amount arises usually because of the type of policy you have or because of the excess being applied to your policy or because you are insured with an insurer with whom we do not have a fee assurance agreement.


Please note that even if you do have private health insurance you remain liable for fees as our contract for services is with you and not with your insurer. If we cannot obtain settlement of our invoice from the insurer we will be obliged to ask you for payment.


Our terms are payment within 14 days of issue of the invoice. An administrative charge may be made for late payment.


Self paying patients

If you opt to pay for your own treatment at the Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital, The Nuffield Hospital Cambridge, Devonshire House Clinic or Bourn Hall Clinic then the anaesthetic fees for your procedure will be quoted in the information provided by the Hospital or Clinic at which you choose to be treated and the fees will be collected on our behalf by the Hospital or Clinic.


If you opt for treatment at The Royal Papworth Hospital then you will usually have the anaesthetist’s fees quoted to you in advance by the Hospital in the treatment quote they provide and collected on admission by the hospital, however in some cases Royal Papworth does not collect the anaesthetic fee and in those cases we will send you an invoice directly.


If you opt for treatment at The Princess Grace Hospital in London then we will send you an invoice for payment of our fees prior to treatment. At all of the above medical facilities an administrative charge may be made for late payment.


Queries about our fees

If you have a question about our fees or are an insured patient requiring confirmation of whether we charge within your insurance company’s fee schedule please email us at:

Payment by Link Request

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